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The Adoration of Love 
(La Dauration l'amour)

by Hector Hyppolite  ~ Haitian artist


Prayer for the Haitian People

Loving God, 
Your children in Haiti have suffered
from hunger, disease, poverty and injustice.  
We recognize them as members of Your Mystical Body
 and desire to share in their struggle for justice.
Knowing that God does not make people suffer, 
rather it is we who allow the suffering, 
help us to replace our complacency with compassion.

May we, who have so much, 
be willing to share with those who have so little.  
As we are called to see Your Face in the faces 
of those who are struggling to survive, 
remind us of our obligation to maintain 
the dignity of human life.

Bless those who give their time and resources,
inspire others to join in this mission of aid 
and bless in a special way those
who have been called to minister to them.


The Ministry of Every Day Life in Haiti
"God has put into my heart a marvelous love
              for the faithful ones who dwell in his land."
Psalm 16:3

Our Haiti Project Minister, Joan Martin
with school children in Port-de-Paix, Haiti

Notes, Photos, & Reflections
from Joan
Parish Twinning
with our Sister Parish, St. François
Around the Diocese of Port-de-Paix
click here for a LOCATION MAP
St François Parish in Bombardopolis

- School Nutrition Program
- Teacher-to-Teacher
- Parish Projects
- Seminarian activities
- Sisters' Projects
- Women's Arts & Crafts
tribute to ministers tribute to more ministers
"Change Haiti"
OMOS School Projects

- the Pepinyé Project yields seedlings
- new classroom walls built
- school supplies provided
- new latrines
Projects & Activities in the Diocese
seminary Seminarian Support Port-de-Paix
Diocesan activities continue
Sr. Sandrale's Peanut Project

La Croix
sisters assist in school, clinic & parish

2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06
OMOS Medical Mission Trip
to Haiti in June 2005
Pilgrimage to Haiti
by Laura Stehle
in October 2006

Ti Rivye
water collection project

Mole St.Nicholas
church completed & dedicated

Bassin Bleu
3 new sisters arrive

post-fire rebuilding of convent & school

a new pastor arrives

Past Diocesan activities


Parish Twinning Program

St. François of Assisi Parish
Bombardopolis, Haiti

Nutrition Project
St. Jean School at 
St. Fran
çois of Assisi Parish
Bombardopolis, Haiti


St. Jean School at
St. Fran
çois of Assisi Parish
Bombardopolis, Haiti