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The Circle of Life Journey
 Session Outline

Week 1   The Seamless Garment (consistent life ethic, Catholic morality today, forming one’s conscience)
Week 2   Respect for Unborn Life (stem-cell research, abortion)
Week 3   Respect for the Poor and
 “The Least Among Us”
 (poverty, hunger, homeless, AIDS)
Week 4   Respect for All, Including
 the Marginalized
(those who face marginalization, including those in the gay / LGBT community)
Week 5   Respect for All Races, Cultures, and Faiths (racial prejudice, other stereotypes)
Week 6   Respect for All, Including the Migrant  (immigration reform, human rights, border orphans)
Week 7   Respecting Creation for Future Generations (environment, consumerism, living simply) 
Week 8   Respect for Peace, and Love for Our Enemies  (“just war” today, nonviolence, refugees)
Week 9   Respect for All, Both Victim and Detained (death penalty, detention ministry)
Week 10   Respect for Life until Natural Death  (euthanasia, assisted suicide, hospice)
Week 11   Completing the Circle & Being Sent Forth (faithful citizenship, bringing moral vision to public life)