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The Circle of Life Journey

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This program is not a class, a lecture series or a training session . . .

This program is really all about taking a journey –  a journey which you will share with others in a prayerful, quiet, and respectful gathering. It will also be an interior journey into your own mind, heart, and soul . . .

 It is a journey that is faith-based and rooted in the Gospels. 
               It is a journey
                           to learn about
                                       pray about and
                                                   form one's conscience about

                                                 –  The Consistent Ethic of Life  – 

                                that is at the core of the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church. 

Deep within our consciences we discover a law which we have not laid upon ourselves and which we must obey.  Its voice, ever calling us to love and to do what is good and to avoid evil, tells us inwardly at the right moment: do this, shun that. For we have in our hearts a law inscribed by God. Our dignity rests in observing this law, and by it we will be judged.

Our conscience is our most secret core, and our sanctuary. There we are alone with God whose voice echoes in our depths. By conscience, in a wonderful way, that law is made known which is fulfilled in the love of God and of one’s neighbor.

Through loyalty to conscience, Christians are joined to others in the search for truth and for the right solution to so many moral problems which arise both in the life of individuals and from social relationships.

                                                 Based “On the Church in the Modern World”   Gaudium et Spes #16

In advance of each session, participants will read and reflect on Catholic Update articles related to a specific life theme. Then we will come together for prayer, video meditations, short films, faith-sharing, and discussion on the readings and the session topic. You are invited to commit to the entire CIRCLE OF LIFE JOURNEYof all 11 sessions.  If you have to miss a session due to travel or some other reason, you will be able keep up with the readings by finding them online at the Circle of Life Journey webpage.

 We Hope You Will Join Us on the Journey !

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