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 Circle of Life Journey
Session 2:  Respect for Unborn Life


for Session 2

The Catholic Update readings for Session 2
Copyright 2016 Liguori Publications. Used with permission

What the Church Teaches
by Helen Alvaré

In Support of Life - The U.S. Bishops' New Pro-Life Plan in Condensed Form

Stem-Cell Research
How Catholic Ethics Guides Us
by Thomas A. Shannon

Video to be shown at Session 2: 
Stem Cell Research: Finding Cures
We Can All Live With

The video we'll watch features real life stories of patients who have benefited from scientifically and ethically superior stem cell research-plus commentary from nationally-recognized experts discussing key elements of the stem cell debate

Reachout Women's Center

in Tucson

Learn more about  the good work of  the Center in their video

Circle of Life presentation on Abortion
by Dynse Crunkleton, M.D.,
Medical Director of Reachout
Women's Center   [pdf]

The People of  Life Campaign
is the pro-life action campaign of the
U.S.Conference of Catholic Bishops

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