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 Circle of Life Journey
Session 6:  Respect for All,
Including the Migrant


for Session 6

The Catholic Update readings for Session 6
Copyright 2016 Liguori Publications. Used with permission

Strangers No Longer
Together on the Journey of Hope
condensation of a Pastoral Letter Concerning Migration from the Catholic Bishops
of Mexico and the U.S.

What the Church Teaches About Immigration Policy
by Bishop Gerald Kicanas,
Diocese of Tucson

Hatred of immigrants is sinful
Chicago Sun-Times
 June 1, 2007
by Fr. Andrew Greeley

US Bishops Migration & Refugee Services

Orphaned at the Border
The Washington Post Magazine
April 18, 2007 [pdf]
Immigration and the Catholic Church (USCCB video)
Migration is an Act of Hope (USCCB video)

4.1 Miles
A 21 minute video that will open your eyes
to the global refugee crisis


Strangers No Longer:
Together on the Journey of Hope

(the complete Pastoral Letter, 2003)

The Catholic Campaign for
Immigration Reform

US Bishops Anti-Trafficking Program

Child Victims of Human Trafficking
a USCCB study 2015 [pdf]

The Blessed Nuno Society

The Kino Border Initiative

Humane Borders
                                      Cafe' Justo 

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