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 Circle of Life Journey
Session 6:  Respect for All,
Including the Migrant


for Session 6

The Catholic Update readings for Session 6
Used with permission / password protected
Copyright 2016 Liguori Publications.

Strangers No Longer
Together on the Journey of Hope
condensation of a Pastoral Letter Concerning Migration from the Catholic Bishops
of Mexico and the U.S.

What the Church Teaches About Immigration Policy
by Bishop Gerald Kicanas,
Diocese of Tucson

US Bishops Migration & Refugee Services

Orphaned at the Border
The Washington Post Magazine
April 18, 2007 [pdf]
Immigration and the Catholic Church (USCCB video)
Migration is an Act of Hope (USCCB video)

4.1 Miles
A 21 minute video that will open your eyes
to the global refugee crisis


Strangers No Longer:
Together on the Journey of Hope

(the complete Pastoral Letter, 2003)

The Catholic Campaign for
Immigration Reform

US Bishops Anti-Trafficking Program

Child Victims of Human Trafficking
a USCCB study 2015 [pdf]


Casa Alitas Program
Aid for Migrant Families
Catholic Community Services
of Southern Arizona


The Kino Border Initiative

Humane Borders
                                      Cafe' Justo 

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