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 Circle of Life Journey
Session 9:  Respect for All,
Both Victim and Detained


for Session 9

The Catholic Update readings for Session 9
Copyright 2016 Liguori Publications. Used with permission

The Death Penalty: Why the Church
Speaks a Countercultural Message
by Kenneth R. Overberg, S.J.

The Gospel of Life
An abbreviated version of
Pope John Paul II's Pro-life Encyclical


USCCB's  Death Penalty / Capital Punishment website

Catholic Campaign to End the Use of the Death Penalty

Criminal Justice / Restorative Justice
USCCB webpage

 Responsibility, Rehabilitation, And Restoration: A Catholic Perspective On Crime And Criminal Justice
USCCB 2000

When I was in Prison, You Came to Me
CCS Detention Ministry Brings Faith and Hope to Prison Inmates
New Vision June 2007 [pdf]

Catholics Mobilizing Network
to end the use of the Death Penalty

Catholics Against Capital Punishment (CACP)

 Death Penalty Alternatives for Arizona
 formerly: Coalition of Arizonans to
Abolish the Death Penalty (CAADP

Don't Kill My Killer
by George M. Anderson, S.J.


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