Trip to Haiti June 15-23, 2005

Medical Team members from Our Mother of Sorrows Parish:

Drs. Scott & Dynse
& their 3 children
Caeles, Michaela
and Joseph


Dr. John Bush
& his

Katie Bush

Click here for a MAP to see the locations of: 
Mole Saint Nicolas, Bombardopolis, Baie de Henne,
and other key locations in the diocese of Port de Paix.

Click HERE to read Dr. Bush's reflections
on the Medical Team's mission to Haiti.


Mole Saint-Nicolas to Bombardopolis  (June 15)

After flying into Haiti's capitol city, Port-au-Prince, the Medical Mission Team took a small plane to the city of Mole Saint Nicholas where they were greeted by our OMOS Haiti Minister, Joan Martin.  After spending some time in Mole, the team headed for their mission location:  L'Hospital Evangelique de Bombardopolis -- a medical clinic operated by Faith & Steve Leach in Bombardoplis.

[NOTE:  click on the photos to see a larger view]

Dr Bush, daughter Katie and  two passengers with the  plane that flew them to Mole

Arriving at Mole St Nicolas in northwest Haiti -- with a personal welcome from Joan Martin.

Mole Saint-Nicolas

The Church at Mole Saint-Nicolas

Starting the Mission in prayer at the Church of Mole Saint-Nicolas


Inside the church at Mole

On the trip from Mole to Bombardopolis.  The Wilson's ride on top of Steve Leach's truck

View from the top of the truck


View of Haiti

Arriving in Bombardopolis


Bombardoplis  (June 16-18)

The clinic where the Team worked; the convent where the Team stayed; and some of the special people of Bompardoplois who touched everyone's hearts.

L'Hospital Evangelique de Bombardopolis


Faith Leach at her post
 in the lab

Dr. Scott Wilson
at the clinic

Dr. John Bush
 at the clinic

Katie Bush with premature infant

Faith, Katie and premie

At the clinic

Joan and Katie in front of clinic

Patient Joanel Nelson
+ May he rest in peace +

Madam Mamba:
maker of peanut butter

Dr. Dynse Wilson
 & Katie at the convent
in Bompardoplis
Sr. Adriana, Sr. Sonya, Scott, Joan, Katie, Sr. Mary Louisa at the convent

Convent chapel in

Supper at the convent in Bombardopolis

View from the convent

Faith and Steve
Leach's house

Doing the wash at the convent

Our shower. We pour water from the blue bucket
over our head.

Our "facilities"

Typical transportation


Trip to Baie de Henne  (June 18)

Pere Roro's LandRover

View of Baie de Henne

Baie de Henne sisters. Sr. Sonya, Joan, Sr. Darlene &
Pere Rudolph ("Roro")

At the convent in
Baie de Henne

Kids at the convent in Baie de Henne

Katie in Baie de Henne

Baie de Henne

On the beach near
Baie de Henne

Us under the only
shade around.

Sunday in Bombardopilis (& a pre-school graduation)  (June 19)

People dressed in their finest for Mass

After Mass in Bombard
at Church of St Francois

The empty square on Sunday. You should see it on market day.

Preschool graduation
in "Mare Savon"

Mare Savon graduates

The young

for graduation

Sr. Sonya and Sr. Adriana present a puppet show

More eager

Next year's class


Food Distribution in Bombardopolis, More Work in the Clinic,
and a Trip through the Countryside
   (June 20-22)

Food distribution
with Steve Leach
 in  Bombardopolis

Food distribution
with Steve

Katie giving a breathing treatment at the clinic

Joan doing the
interpretation during
 a consultation.

Our trusty transport:
 Steve's truck

On the truck roof
heading for the
Anse-a-Chat overlook hike

Gathering wood
in Haiti

Sharing the road

Water-harvesting roof and cistern designed by Steve

A small child in
rural Haiti
Overlooking the remote village of Platforme

On our hike to the
Anse-a-Chat overlook

View of Anse-a-Chat: a
remote coastal village
with no road in.

Market Day in Bombardoplis & Final Day in the Clinic  (June 23)

The burro parking lot
on market day in

Market day


The teeming

In the market

Katie doing AIDs testing

John cleaning an ulcer

Delivering a baby

Infant delivered by Dynse