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  Notes from March 2008
On Palm Sunday, Holy Week & Easter
 in Bombard

I am sending these photos of Holy Week and Easter in Bombard  (Semen Sen ak Pak).

Just wanted to share this event
 from Holy Week. 
Robert starting up


On the Saturday afternoon before Palm Sunday, one of the young men came running to say Robert is going up. 

So I went to see what that meant.


Robert is about 65 years old; one of his jobs is cutting palm branches off the trees for house roofs---or for the Catholics on Palm Sunday. 

He has a special rope harness that
he uses to walk up the tree. 

Robert going up
Robert cutting branches Then he cuts off the branches with his machete.  It takes him about 15 minutes.  Cost about $2 US----for all you Tucson residents who pay a bit more for this service.    
Then the palms were used for the procession before the Palm Sunday Mass.

Pere Cholet and the procession
for Palm Sunday (Dimanche de Ramo).
Palm Sunday Procession
Easter candle The Easter candle in the church.
Pere Cholet and the seminarians
Paul and Bertrand.
Pere Cholet and seminarians
1-Pere Cholet and sisters, visitors Pere Cholet, the sisters,
and 2 visitors from Spain.