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 Return to Haiti, 2007 --  January 30, 2007

Just checking in to say I have safely returned to PdPaix...Friday Jan. 26.  The weather is warm--lucky for me.  It is good to see everyone, and I think they are happy to see me, too.  The sisters made a few changes in my room for my return and rest.  They replaced the 6 concrete blocks that were under the mattress with a real wooden bed frame (I don't know where they found it, because most bed frames here are welded metal.)  Also, they put a curtain over the door opening for my room--for a little privacy when the door is open.  The curtain is bright pink, with multi-colored flowers, and the word Barbie everywhere.  (Don't know where they found that, either.) 
I was able to talk to many priests yesterday, since they were on their way to the priests' retreat in La Croix.   Fr. Cholet, Fr. Nicolas, Fr. Phechner, Fr. Jocelyn, Fr. Carl, Fr. Chepa, Fr. Renald, Fr. Prophy (who is recovering from typhoid), and Fr. Kerny (who was back in PdP to renew his visa for the remainder of his rest in Miami.  They all send their greetings to their sister parishes---and their thanks for all the help and support for their projects.  Of course, there are still many problems.  But we will work on those after the retreat.
Sr. Adeline is preparing to leave for New York and Medjugore on Thurs. Feb. 1.  She is planning to return to PdP about April 24.  She is reminding me to rest (per the orders of my surgeon and my parents).  I hope to begin my travels on Friday.

More later.   Peace--Joan