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Area II Ministries focus primarily on providing support
for parishioners facing various life issues and challenges 

"Bear one another's burden and fulfill the law of Christ"
                                     Gal 6:2


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OMOS participates in a national program of one-to--one caring called Stephen Ministry which offers pastoral care for people experincing times of stress. The program prepares individuals to minister as spiritual / pastoral care-givers who can "walk with" those in need during times of distress.  Persons interested in becoming a Stephen Minister complete a  50-hour of formation program and are then commissioned to represent the parish and minister to those in need.

 If you are interested in learning more, the Parish staff contact is Patsy Klein
 (  )


HEALTH CARE & Blood Drive

Are you a health care professional?  This ministry provides services by volunteer nurse and health care professionals and also assists with blood drives and donor recruiting.

Not a healthcare professional yourself?  Catholics we believe all life is precious. You can honor this belief by giving the gift of life as a blood donor.

  If you are interested in getting invovled in this ministry, the Parish staff contact is Patsy Klein  (  )

Bereavement Support

Has someone you loved died recently? OMOS Parish's Bereavement Support offers help and support for those who have lost a loved one through an 8-week grief ministry group.  Groups start throughout the year.  Contact the Parish Office to learn more.  Contact Grace at 290-5659 if you are interested in joining a group.


The MOSES ministry hosts luncheons for families following a funeral. To learn more about this gift of kindness and support for those who are grieving contact Cindy Phillips ( )

Eucharistic Ministers
 to  Homebound &  HOSPITALIZEd

Eucharistic Ministers to those who are homebound or hospitalized (at Banner UMC Hospital) bring Holy Communion and prayer to those -- who due to illness -- are unable to attend the Eucharistic Liturgy with the community.

If you are interested in this ministry, the Parish staff contact is Patsy Klein


"For I was  . .  ill
and you cared for me."

                                     Mt 25:36



The divorce healing program titled "The Catholic's Divorce Survival Guide" helps those who are separated and divorced to navigate their way through pain, confusion and anxiety into the heart of Christ to help them find peace, power, and passion after their divorce.  The program is now offered through the  Diocese.  Learn more at:


Members of the St. Peregrine Ministry host Masses for those with cancer and promote the veneration of   St. Peregrine, the patron saint of cancer victims.

 If you are interested in learning more, the Parish staff contact is Lyn Bulski ( )

St. Peregrine, Pray for us!


TIHAN stands for the Tucson Interfaith HIV / AIDS Network. This city-wide program fosters HIV awareness, helps with hosting the "Poz Cafe" luncheon and supports activities for persons with HIV/AIDS and OMOS . To learn more about how you can get involved to support this compassionate effort, contact staff member Laura Stehle ( )

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