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 Circle of Life Journey
Session 8:  Respect for Peace
and Love for Our Enemies


for Session 8

The Catholic Update readings for Session 8
Copyright 2016 Liguori Publications. Used with permission

What is 'Just War' Today?
by Thomas A. Shannon, with
Thomas A. Massaro, S.J.

Peace on Earth: God's Dream, Our Task
Kenneth R. Overberg, S.J.

Trinity Video


Peace on Earth  -  Pacem in Terris
Encyclical of Pope John XXIII
On Establishing Universal Peace In Truth,
Justice, Charity, And Liberty

USCCB Site on War and Peace

The U.S. Bishops' 1983 Pastoral Letter on War and Peace:
 The Challenge of Peace: God's Promise and Our Response, [pdf]


Finding Renewal  - Why the
pro-life movement should
return to its roots

America 2-16-09

Confronting a Culture of Violence:
A Catholic Framework for Action

U.S. Catholic Bishops Pastoral

Examining Our Convictions:
Discipleship as a Matter of Choice
by  Kenneth R. Overberg, S.J.

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All nuclear explosions in history
(through 2009)