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  Notes from February 2008

February 17, 2008
On the joys of having sand at one's doorstep!

I was able to make a quick visit to LaCroix St. Joseph last week.  It was very windy, and very cold, by Haitien standards.   Fr. Kerny and the pre-seminarians are doing OK. 

The DDL sisters are continuing with the repairs to their house after the November fire.  At this point, they are making concrete blocks to enclose the outdoor steps that go up to the bedrooms. 

the convent being repaired

They had ordered 2 loads of sand in December for making blocks.  But because of the rains, the truck could not make it all the way to LaCroix. 

So the driver dumped the sand about halfway up the road.   The sisters said they made about 12 trips over 3 days with their own little truck to bring the sand up to their house.

On Jan. 31, as we were going up to LaCroix, Sr. Francesca passed the dump truck
as it was going down. 

She asked the driver if he thought he could make it all the way to the house with the sand this time.  He said he would try.
Sr Francesca preparing meals
sand arriving On Friday, Feb. 1, it was Sr. Francesca`s day to prepare the meals.  Of course, that was the day the driver decided to deliver the sand. 

Since Sr. Francesca is in charge of the construction,  she put down her spoon and went outside to supervise the dumping.

  Of course, all 3 sisters were very happy to have the sand at their doorstep. 

They will also be happy when the steps are covered, and they can go upstairs in the rain without getting wet or falling on the slippery steps.

supervising the dumping