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Immaculate Conception Cathedral
  & the Bishops of the Diocese of Port-de-Paix


Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Port-de-Paix,
newly painted to celebrate Msgr Colimon's 25th Anniversary
as Bishop of the Port-de-Paix Diocese,  Dec 8th, 2003

Interior of Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Port-de-Paix


Msgr. Colimon at his 25th anniversary Mass
 with Pere Kerny, Pere Rodolphe, and Pere Jocelyn


Msgr. Paulo, coadjutor bishop of Port-de-Paix Diocese
with Sr. Suzy and Sr Hermie of Ti Rivye and Pere Gabo of  Mole St. Nicolas


Pere Leonville, the new pastor of the Cathedral

New Cathedral parish hall under construction in 2005-06




In Port-de-Paix:

Rebuilding of the Convent and School of the
Daughters of Wisdom after the April 2005 fire




Convent rebuilding




Scaffolding in place to apply stucco to the convent

A "human ladder" is in place to assist in the pouring of concrete
for the third floor of the school



Photos of the building progress as of April 24, 2007 at the new convent for the Daughters of Wisdom in PdPaix.  The building is progressing--however, there are a few things unfinished, like the plumbing fixtures and electrical materials.  And then there is the matter of the beds, kitchen utensils, tables and chairs . . .

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