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the Sunday Morning Religious Education Program


 Cafeteria is now outside
The day I was there, it started to rain about 11am (lunch time).  The students had to run from the kitchen area to their classrooms to eat.
When it is dry and windy,
the dust falls on the food.
Pere Cholet would like to finish covering the cafeteria, so that the students can eat there.




Following are photos of the parish hall--which is about finished.  This has been accomplished thru the help of Change Haiti and other contributions...like the Victory Noll water collection project.   Please give the OMOS students my thanks for their assistance.

1.  The parish hall from outside. 2.  View inside--back to front.  The floor has been nicely finished with cement, and somehow Fr. Cholet has found 200 folding chairs for seating

Change Haiti Parish Hall Project

3.  Parish Hall --inside view -front to back. 
The hatch to cover the cistern (for the Victory Noll water collection project ) is in the foreground.
4.  Parish Hall -- inside view - back to front
--nice rays from the sun.

see the results of the Pepinyť Project

The 2006 focus for "CHANGE HAITI" was to
establish a pepinyť, a fruit- & nut-tree nursery
to provide food for families and to foster reforestation


see the new cistern & more

A message from:

 Dylan Soukup
 The OMOS Student Council
 Haiti Representative 2004-05

The CHANGE HAITI project is a great way to get involved
with helping Joan Martin, our Haiti representative, serve Haiti. 

You can do this by filling any jar around your house with leftover pocket change or money. You can then take the jar to the school or parish office.  The money will then be brought to Student Council where they will count the money and send it to Haiti.  This is a quick, easy, and wonderful way to help those in need.As you may already know, Haiti is a country in need of help. Through this project, you can help "Change Haiti."

A message from:

Caeles Wilson
The OMOS Student Council
Haiti Representative
My name is Caeles Wilson.  I'm the Haiti representative for the student council of OMOS school. Right now we are doing two projects for Haiti.

 CHANGE HAITI has started again and we are using the money collected for a tree
nursery in Haiti (see above).  We are also doing a pen pal project with the children
in Bombardopolis i
n the school. Right now we are waiting for a reply from them.