• Caritas Internationalis a Catholic relief, development, and social services organization that provides aid to countries worldwide.

  •  Amor En Accion is a grassroots lay missionary community, now affiliated with the Archdiocese of Miami.

  • Catholic Relief Services - Haiti - The primary goal of Catholic Relief Services' work in Haiti is to improve rural communities' access to food. The agency serves more than 330,000 of the poorest and most marginalized Haitians, and hopes to expand this number in the future.

  • Contact for Financial Transfers:  Fonkozé -- Haiti’s Alternative Bank for the Organized Poor is “an economic alliance of peasant organizations, women's collectives, cooperatives, credit unions, women street vendor groups, and religious communities, which assists grass-roots organizations in making the transition from political to economic activity by providing financial and technical services to its members. It is dedicated to building a democratic economy in Haiti by strengthening organizations, providing them with the capital and training they need to mount successful income-producing businesses.”  Reliable and timely transfer of funds to Haiti is possible through this bank.  Joan’s contact at Fonkozé is Dominique Colíman (based in New York; a relative of the Bishop of Port-de-Paix).

  • Diocese of Tucson Catholic Social Mission Office: Director: Joanne Welter; phone 792-3410 email:  socialmission@diocesetucson

  • Embassy of the Republic of Haiti This is the official site of the Embassy of Haiti, located in Washington D.C.

  • World Factbook on Haiti (from the CIA) contains lots of facts about the country from the CIA perspecitve.

  • News Items about Haiti