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St. François Parish in Bombardopolis

The School Nutrition Program
St. Francois School in Bombardopolis 

"These are photos of the continuing nutrition program.  Before I arrived in Bombard last week (Feb. 18, 2008), there had been rumors that people were dying of hunger.  After I arrived, I found that, fortunately, that rumor was not exactly true.   But the situation is very difficult for the people there.  There has not been significant rain for several weeks, so crops are dying.  CARE has pulled out of Bombard, so that food supply is not available.  Because of the customs taxes and the difficulties in shipping (from the US and from Port au Prince), there is a bit of a shortage of rice and beans, and the prices are going up."

"( I visited the store of Mr. Oreste in PdPaix today. The shelves are empty, and the lights are turned off.  And Mr. Oreste is the one with the big boat for shipping from Miami!!)"

"All of this means that the nutrition program at the school of St. Francois in Bombard
 is even more important than before!!"

pots of rice
The pots of rice and beans boiling in the kitchen
The cooks with plates of food
The cooks with plates of food
two girls returning plates
Two pre-school girls returning their plates to the kitchen
to be used by the next class
two girls to class
The same two girls returning to class hand-in-hand
lunch is served
School girls with lunch!
school boys with lunch
School boys with lunch!

Teacher-To-Teacher Program
Madame Blunid and 3rd grade
Madame Blunid, the 3rd grade teacher has a class of 60 students!
Mr Alex 5th grade class
Mr. Alex teaches French to his 5th grade class
Madame Octavie
School director Madame Octavie with her pre-school class

Parish Projects & "Change Haiti"
1. Classroom separation finished!

class too large

This grade has about 60 + students!  Pere Cholet wanted to make two classes out of that group.
This meant separating the large room into two classrooms.
classroom separation
Entrance to the new classroom
classroom separation view
Separation wall is finished!

2.  Parish Hall & Indoor Cistern Finished!
 The parish hall from outside. View inside.  The floor has been nicely finished with cement, and somehow Fr. Cholet has found 200 folding chairs for seating
Change Haiti Parish Hall Project
 Parish Hall --inside view - front to back. 
The hatch to cover the cistern (for the Victory Noll water collection project ) is in the foreground.
Parish Hall -- inside view - back to front
--nice rays from the sun.

#3 School Latrine Finished!
latrine under construction view
Latrine under construction
latrine finished
Finished latrine
Seminarian Activities
Easter mission
Sr Elysee & Sr Maria Luisa with seminarians for Easter Mission
semanarians at Easter Mass
Fr Cholet & seminarians at the Easter Mass

Sisters' Projects
mule loaded
Food for the community schools
visiting the sick
Sr. Sonia & a seminarian visiting the sick

Women's Arts & Crafts Program
Women's embroidery program

Women's embroidery program - more