Our Haiti Project Minister, Joan Martin, is based in the Port-de-Paix area in northern Haiti. 

Port-de-Paix has the advantage of being a port city with a direct shipping connection to Miami.

Click here for a sketch map showing places of interest in the Diocese of Port-de-Paix: DIOCESE MAP


·      Port-de-Paix "Homebase":  Joan lives  in Port-de-Paix with an order of Haitian nuns, the Daughters of Wisdom.   The Daughters of Wisdom is an order devoted  to hospital work and the poor, founded by St. Louis de Montfort in 1703. 

·         Diocesan Contacts:  Joan is working in conjunction with the Catholic Diocese of Port-de-Paix (under Bishop Frantz Colímon) through contact with Coadjutor Bishop Pierre-Antoine Paulo, his chancellor Pére Nicolai, and another priest, Pére Carl Henri, who is facilitator of the local activities of Caritas Internationalis a Catholic relief, development, and social services organization that provides aid to countries worldwide.       

·         Medical Ministry Contacts: Joan is involved in hospital and clinic work and healthcare outreach while in Port-de-Paix.  Her principle Hatian medical contact in this area is Sr. Adeline, a nurse and member of the Daughters of Wisdom.

      The government hospital in Port-de-Paix, Immaculate Conception, provides some services for the population. A clinic and surgery center in St. Louis du Nord, the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, is run by missionaries under the direction of Mr. Larry Owens and hosts visits by medical teams to accommodate the great need for surgery in Haiti. 

  • St. François of Assisi Parish, Bombardopolis, Haiti:  Pastor: :Pére Cholet Augustin.   This parish is the locus of two of our sponsored projects:  The Teacher-to-Teacher Program and the Nutrition Program. Our Mother of Sorrows Parish in Tucson is twinned with St. François. (The former pastor is: :Pére Rodolphe Balthazar. 

·         Other Port-de-Paix Collaborators:  Joan’s former collaborator in Port-de-Paix is Mr. Joseph Rutherford, along with his wife Margaret,  worked as a Baptist missionary in Haiti for 20 years.  The Rutherford's are connected to a network of churches in the Rockport, Indiana area who support their ministry. 

·         Parish Twinning Project Contacts:  Joan’s first connections with Haiti were through The Haiti Parish Twinning Program.  This program is the largest citizen-to-citizen network linking Haiti and the United States and Canada. It facilitates and supports linkages, or twinning of parishes, mostly but not entirely Catholic parishes, in North America with parishes in Haiti. The program today includes more than 290 twinnings. Twinned parishes provide experience that raises the consciousness of both North American and Haitian participants, and provides for direct relationships and avenues of aid without bureaucracy or middlemen or deductions for salaries or overhead. The contact for the Haiti Parish Twinning Program is Theresa Patterson, 208 Leake Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37205, phone: (615) 356-5999.  [NOTE: St. Cyril Parish in Tucson participates in the Twinning Program with St. Jean Rabel Parish in Haiti;  Loretta Tracy and Joan Ashley at St. Cyril are the contacts.]

  • Haiti / U.S. Linkage:  Amor En Accion  is the connecting link between the Archdiocese of Miami and the Diocese of Port-de-Paix. Ms Teresita Gonzalez de la Maza, is the director of Amor en Accion. Phone: (305) 762-1236.