Second -Year Project Report (2003 - 2004)

Co-Missioners and Joan Martin, Port-de-Paix, Haiti
Year 2:   July 2003 - June 30, 2004

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In its second year, the OMOS Haiti Project has continued the funding of the Teacher-to-Teacher Program, the Nutrition Project, and support of the Sisters and Pastor of Bombardopolis and Ti Rivye.

New and ongoing projects supported in 2003-2004 were:

         In Bombardopolis:

  • A school gardening program in which students grew vegetables to augment the school Nutrition Project
  • A  school supply delivery, to enhance the classroom activities associated with the Teacher-to-Teacher Program
  • A women's arts and crafts program to develop sewing and embroidary skills
  • Additional catechesis sessions
  • Assistance in finishing the renovation of St. Franois Church

 In Ti Rivye:

  • Continuation of the Bio-Intensive Gardening (BIG) Program with students and parents
  • The purchase of barrels for water collection
  • Continuation of the Women's Skill Development Program (cooking and sewing)
  • Additional catechesis sessions

            Emergency Food Supplies and Delivery during the March 2004 Political Crisis

Projects in 




School gardening project

School supplies for teachers & students

Women's craft program -- here is the altar cloth that was embroidered for OMOS

A catechesis session

Renovation of the church roof



Projects in
Ti Rivye:




Community gardening project

Water collection project

Women's sewing class

Women's cooking class

Catechesis session


Cooks preparing a long awaited hot lunch
for a school near Bombardopolis

Teachers near Bombardopolis receiving
emergency rice, beans, and oil

A hot lunch of rice and beans for a school near Bombardopolis

Students near Bombardopolis
unloading food supplies