In addition to joining the Parish Twinning Program and launching The Nutrition Project and The Teacher-to-Teacher Project with St. Franois of Assisi Parish in Bompardopolis  (see above), in our first year, OMOS also funded the following:

St. Montfort Clinic Support

  • Where:  St. Montfort Clinic in Port-de-Paix

  • What:   Through OMOS Parish sponsorship, 3 nurses received a salary. 

  • Why:  The Sisters of Wisdom, under the leadership of Sr. Adeline, run this clinic to care for local residents.  Two of the nurses are "community walkers" and visit the sick house-to-house. Another cares for those in a home for the poor and aged.

Mobile Medical Clinic Support

  • Where: specially equipped bus, based in Port-de-Paix

  • What:  Through OMOS Parish sponsorship, salaries were provided for a nurse and the driver/mechanic, medicines were purchased, and gas was provided for the bus.

  • Why:  The mobile clinic can provide treatment for those in outlying areas.


OMOS Youth Projects for Haiti

Our Mother of Sorrows youth are uniquely bonded to the Haiti Project through the inspiration and example of  former OMOS school teacher, Joan Martin.  Through various projects and fundraising efforts, the children, youth, parents and teachers of the parish send their love, prayers, and support to the People of Haiti.  

In 2002-03, students of OMOS School participated in "Seeds for Haiti," a program which sent money for crop seeds to the country and a program whereby dividends from the OMOS hot lunch program were donated to Haiti.  Also in 2002-03, the young people in our Religious Education Program and the OMOS Youth Group worked together to purchase a refrigerator for St. Adeline's St. Montfort Clinic.  The refrigerator will be used for medications and vaccines.