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Parish Twinning
with St François Parish
in Bombardopolis

Change Haiti Project
Sponsored by OMOS School &
the Sunday Morning Religious Education Program


    2002-2003       2003-2004       2004-2005      2005-2006

The Parish Twinning Program

St. François of Assisi Parish, Bombardopolis

The Haiti Parish Twinning Program.  This program is the largest citizen-to-citizen network linking Haiti and the United States and Canada. It facilitates and supports linkages, or twinning of parishes, mostly but not entirely Catholic parishes, in North America with parishes in Haiti. The program today includes more than 290 twinnings. Twinned parishes provide experience that raises the consciousness of both North American and Haitian participants, and provides for direct relationships and avenues of aid without bureaucracy or middlemen or deductions for salaries or overhead.

The OMOS Parish Twinning Project

In our first year of the The Haiti Project (July 2002 - June 2003) a twinning relationship was established between Our Mother of Sorrows Parish (OMOS) and St. François of Assisi Parish in Bombardopolis, northwest Haiti.

Our Parish Twinning Project is a way to focus resources in order to do the most long-term good in our Haiti outreach efforts. The parish school is named St. Jean School. The projects described below are the first programs we have established with our "twin" parish in Haiti.  These projects were launched through Joan Martin's facilitation during her first year in Haiti. 

To participate or learn more about our Parish Twinning Project:  Contact Our Mother of Sorrows Parish

The Nutrition Project    

Old school kitchen with  palm mat walls

  • Where:  St. Jean's School, St. François of Assisi Parish, Bombardopolis

  • What:  Provides hot lunches each day (M-F) for 300 students

  • Cost:  $400 /month (U.S. dollars)

  • Why:  For many children this is their only meal each day!

  • To participate or learn more: Contact Our Mother of Sorrows Parish

New in 2006:

The remodeled school kitchen:
sheet metal walls keep the dust out and the smoke in!

Preschool Class

Lunch is ready


Teacher-to-Teacher Project   

  • Where:  St. Jean's School, St. François of Assisi Parish, Bombardopolis

  • What:    Teachers receive a salary through OMOS Parish sponsorship

  • Cost:    One teacher's full salary is $20/month; a total of $400/month is needed.

  • Why:    The teachers in this school went many months without pay until OMOS began providing funds for their meager salaries.  

  • To participate:  Contact Our Mother of Sorrows Parish     You don't have to be a teacher to sponsor a teacher!