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A Tribute to Some of the Ministers of Every Day Life
in the Diocese of Port-de-Paix
DDL sisters & sand
The Daughters of Divine Love (DDL) sisters (La Croix)
with sand pile 
(read the story in Joan's Newsletter)
Fr Renald
Fr Renald (Bonneau) after the hurricane
 (read the story in Joan's Newsletter)
Fr Kerny and pre-seminarians
Fr Kerny & pre-seminarians (La Croix)
Sr Marthe
Sr Irenee & Sr Marthe (Port-de-Paix)
celebrating the 60th Anniversary of their vows
Sr enden
Sr Enden (Ti Rivye) (at left) with Parish Committee
Fr Jocelyn
Fr Jocelyn (with ball cap) on the way
 to the island parish of La Tortue
 (read the story in Joan's Newsletter)
Fr Roman
Fr Roman (front middle) and Sr. Roselaine (back middle)
Baie-de-Henne with children for surgery
Fr Phechner
Fr Phechner (2nd from left) with teachers
from the chapel school (Vre Pre near Gaspard)
Fr Nicolas
Fr Nicolas (Baudin) & professional school construction
Fr Prophy
Fr Prophy (Chansolme) helping with their
 school nutrition program
Sr nazareth
Sr Nazareth with Fr Zacharie & Fr Montfort in Jean Rabel
Fr Cholet
Fr Cholet & Sr Sonia (Bombardopolis)
on Palm Sunday
Family Myriam
The Canadian "Family Myrian" (Port-de-Paix) at Easter
Sr Sandlral
Sr Sandrale (Chansolme) beginning construction
of the house for the women's peanut butter group
Sr Darliene
Sr Darliene (Baie-de-Henne) after Mass,
walking up the hill from the church to the school