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Diocesan activities continue

post-fire rebuilding of convent & school
Sr. Sandrale's Peanut Project

a new pastor arrives

Ti Rivye
water collection project

Mole St.Nicholas
church completed & dedicated

La Croix
sisters assist in school, clinic & parish

Bassin Bleu
3 new sisters arrive
In Gaspard: Fr. Phechner Julmisse,
new pastor of St. Therese Parish

In Bassin Bleu:  In St. Anne Parish, three sisters from the congregation of St. Therese joined Fr. Wesner

In La Croix:     Three sisters from the Daughters of Divine Love congregation in Nigeria
 came to St. Joseph Parish to be responsible for the school, the clinic, and the pastoral activities

Sr. Francesca, Pastoral Assistant in the chapel

Sr. Francesca, Sr. Chimezie, and Sr. Chukwuemeka

Sr. Chimezie in the clinic pharmacy

Sr. Chukwuemeka with students  in front of the church



In Mole St. Nicholas:

After THIRTEEN years of construction,  Fr. Gabo celebrated the dedication of the new Church of St. Nicholas.

Canvas portrait of St. Nicholas
above the front doors of the church

People awaiting the opening of the doors after the Church's exterior was blessed.


Bishop Franz Colimon presides at the 5-hour long Dedication Mass!


In Ti Rivye:   A water collection project


Fr. Cholet and the sisters of Ti Rivye
Sr. Mary, Sr. Enden, Fr. Cholet, & Sr. Griet  (deceased. Dec 2006)

Ti Rivye water collection project


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