Third -Year Project Report (2004-2005)
Co-Missioners and Joan Martin, Port-de-Paix, Haiti
Year 3:   July 2004 - June 30, 2005

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Joan's Second -Year Project Report (2003 - 2004)                     Joan's First -Year Project Report (2002-2003)

In its third year, the OMOS Haiti Project has continued the funding of the Teacher-to-Teacher Program, the Nutrition Project, and support of the Sisters and Pastor of Bombardopolis.

New and ongoing projects supported in 2004-2005:

          In Bombardopolis:

 In Ti Rivye (funded by the Victory Noll Sisters and Most Holy Trinity Parish, Tucson)

  • Continuation of the Bio-Intensive Gardening (BIG) Program with students and parents
  • The purchase of more barrels for water collection
  • Continuation of the Women's Skill Development Program (cooking and sewing)
  • Additional catechesis sessions
  • Establishment of an animal husbandry program and a soil conservation program
  • Assistance to the Health-care / Midwife Programs

Expansion of the Women's
Arts & Crafts Program


The new building for        
the women's sewing class ==>

A new instructor has been
added to the program:


The renovation of 
St. Franois Church is complete!

Fr. Rudolphe & the
Sisters from Colombia: 
Srs. Sonia, Adriana, & Maria Luisa

Building of the new cistern
funded by the
OMOS School & Religious Education
"Change Haiti" Program

Cistern is on the back     
of the church  ==>     


Hand mixing of cement to build the cistern (below)
Concrete top for the cistern
(lower right)


New solar panel
 with batteries and inverter
purchased & installed

(also a small diesel-powered generator)

Battery & inverter for solar panel ==>

Panel installed on roof: 

Close-up view of the solar panel

Medical Mission Team Trip
from Our Mother of Sorrows Parish

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Photos & Reflections
from the OMOS
Medical Mission Team's Trip
to Haiti in June 2005

Dr. John Bush  &
daughter Katie


Drs. Dynse & Scott Wilson & their children

Repair of small "post" chapel
and school in Mari Rouge



Second -Year Project Report (2003 - 2004)

First -Year Project Report (2002-2003)